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Our Services - Annuity & Insurance Products


At the Wealth Advisory & Management Corporation of America we represent over 30 different major insurance companies.   This allows us to offer our clients a choice from among a quality line of insurance products, including:

     •   Annuities                      
     •  Disabilty Income Insurance           
     •  Life & Estate Planning Insurance  
     •  Long Term Care Insurance            

For more information about the companies or products that we represent please contact us or request a quote.

Understanding Annuities and What They Can Do for You?
An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company.  Annuities are often chosen as a way to create retirement income, but that can also be used to pass on a legacy to your heirs.  Benefits can include:

•  Tax-deferred growth
•  Guaranteed income for life
•  Professionally managed investment choices
•  Protection for your beneficiaries


Who Should Consider an Annuity?
An annuity could be a good choice if you want to:

•  Increase your tax-deferred earnings, and may be already taking 
   advantage of all available 401(k), IRA or other tax-deferred plans
•  Receive guaranteed income for life or a set period of time
•  Create a plan with flexible investment, income and legacy choices


Qualified Versus Non-Qualified Annuities
A qualified annuity is one that is purchased within a retirement account, such as a 401(k) or IRA. A non-qualified annuity is one that is purchased outside of such a plan, with dollars on which you´ve already paid federal income tax. Basically, the annuity is the same, but the tax consequences may not be. You may want to consult a qualified tax expert before investing.


How do you choose among annuities?
The key to planning with annuities is customization. This starts with the type of annuity you choose: variable, fixed index or traditional fixed. You may customize further by choosing optional benefits for your individual contract, or from a variety of products with unique features.


Fixed Annuities
Fixed annuities are retirement contracts built on protection and guaranteed returns, including a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

Fixed Annuity Benefits
Fixed annuities offer guaranteed retirement income for a set period of time or for your lifetime. They also provide guaranteed return of your initial investment and death benefit protection.

Fixed Index Annuities
Fixed index annuities* combine the benefits of a traditional fixed annuity, including guaranteed minimum interest, with the potential to earn additional interest linked to the return of an index.

Fixed Index Annuity Benefits
Fixed index annuities may allow owners the flexibility to build their contract to meet their individual needs. Some products offer two indexes, multiple crediting methods, a variety of contract lengths and optional features as well as a standard premium credit feature.

Variable Annuities
Variable annuities offer a range of investment choices through sub-accounts that include stocks, bonds (or a blend of the two) and fixed account options. The withdrawals you eventually make from your variable annuity contract will be based on the value of the underlying choices you select.

Variable Annuity Optional Benefits
In addition to investment choices, variable annuities typically provide optional benefits for an additional charge. These can include: guaranteed minimum income even if markets decline, the ability to increase your retirement income by potentially locking in market gains, and enhanced death benefits for beneficiary protection.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck