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Our Services - Tax Management

Many tax-saving strategies aim to reduce "taxable" income. The goal, of course, is not to also reduce your overall "spendable" income as well.  

At Wealth Advisory & Management Corporation of America we are ever mindful of the effect that taxes can have on our client's investment returns.  Therefore we make every effort to help our clients become more aware of their overall tax situation, and then present them with possible alternatives which may reduce the amount of taxes that they currently must pay.  Our "tax-efficiency" planning service makes every effort to consider the best ways that may;

     •  Reduce the tax on portfolio income,
     •  Defer taxes until to some later date,
     •  Increase the amount of your deductible expenses, or
     •  Ideally, - to move a portion of your portofolio to "tax free" positions.

Although we are not CPA's, (or accountants), we are happy to work with your tax professional to help you to identify those areas where you may be unnecessarily increasing your total tax exposure. 

With over 39 years of experience dealing with the many various types and forms of investments that have been available throughout that time, - we have also experienced the numerous changes in tax-law that have affected each one of these investments as well.   With our constant effort to stay current with these ever changing tax-laws we have been able to help many of our clients reduce their overall tax situation through the use of a number of advanced tax-reduction programs, investments, and/or strategies.  Whether or not these programs, investments, or startegies can work for any one particular client will, of course, depend on that client's own specific circumstance.


   Learn More About Tax Strategies  (Video)


To find out more about our Tax Management Programs and how they may help with your own situation, please contact us today.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck