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It has been said that "fortune favors the prepared!"

Whether it be for a championship football game, a final exam, or something much more serious, - being prepared, - having a plan, - usually produces a much better result than having no plan at all.

At Wealth Advisory & Management Corporation of American we strongly believe that just about everyone should have a Plan.  However, we also know from experience that no two client plans are exactly alike.  Therefore over the years, in order to accommodate the numerous and varied, specific client plan needs and requirements, we have assembled an extensive list of products and services, - many from well-know and highly respected companies, - and others, which are equally respected, but are little known "gems" that may provided just the right addition to complete your unique portfolio.


"Last year we reviewed well over 300 new investment opportunities, - of those, only 4 were chosen for use in some of our clients portfolios."      Bill Mack, CEO/President, WAMCOA


These products and services are represented in the following Menu of Services:


Menu of Our Services

   Retirement Planning

   Estate & Wealth Conservation

   Investment Management

    For Educators Only

   Annuity & Insurance Products

   Tax Management

   Social Security Optimization Planning

   Medicare Planning


                       Our Financial Consulting Process

As a credentialed financial advisor, (Chartered Financial Consultant, - ChFC), it is my goal to understand your financial circumstances and create a customized investment strategy to achieve your desired objectives.  Throughout this process, I will work closely with you to keep you informed and in control of your investment portfolio.  By carefully allocating your investable assets, monitoring the progress of your portfolio, and communicating with you regularly, my aim is to ensure that you fully understand the progress of your portfolio toward meeting your goals and that you are fully comfortable with it and confident with its anticipated results.

To ensure that you are fully informed and engaged in meeting your investment goals, I work within the context of a formal consulting process that I have developed over the past 44 years of helping people with their financial concerns.   This process is outlined as follows:


We will review the concerns, uncertainties, and obstacles that you may now be facing today, and explain the importance of utilizing a disciplined investment approach.At this meeting we will review your completed Confidential Questionnaire, which will allow us to develop an in-depth picture of your financial position, your goals and objectives, and your tolerance for different levels of risk.

Plan & Savings Analysis Report

At this meeting we will present you with your comprehensive Plan & Savings Analysis Report This “report” will have been specially prepared for you as it was based on the information obtained from your completed Confidential Questionnaire and also from the additional information obtain at our first meeting together.

Solutions and Alternatives

Once we clearly understand your financial objectives and have established your Risk/Return Profile, we can begin to develop and prepare a customized Investment Proposal as well as an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is completely tailored to your own current financial situation.  The “Solutions and Alternatives” are usually spread-out over 2 to 3 separate meetings, (or more), in an effort to develop an investment plan that you are truly happy with.


At this meeting we will review final plan selections and answer any outstanding questions that you may still have about our approach and recommended Investment Proposal.  Should you choose to work with us, you will then need to sign all of the necessary documents to establish and fund your investment account.  These documents will include; 1) Client Profile, 2) New Account Application, 3) Asset Transfer Forms, and if needed, 4) Advisory Fee Agreement.  Additional forms may be required depending on the account type, and/or plan assets and programs.

45-Day Review

After we have established your investment account, we will plan on meeting again to discuss your investment choices, review any new materials that you will receive, and answer any of your questions.

Ongoing Progress Monitoring and Annual Review Meeting

Each calendar quarter, we will provide a comprehensive performance review that will show you exactly where you stand in relation to your goals and objectives.  When and if your financial circumstances change, we will be ready to suggest changes to your investment plan.  In order to be prepared for these changes and also to keep you fully informed and abreast of all of the financial details of your plan, we recommend that we meet on a regular basis that is convenient to your schedule.

On-Line Resource Center -

Our secure Online Resource Center was designed to enhance the information flow between you and our firm.  By providing you with instant online access to your investment portfolio, as well as investment research and commentary, we can work more closely with you to monitor the progress being made toward reaching your investment goals.


Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck